Scuba Diving Kuwait
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We offer diving classes, diving trips in Kuwait and abroad.
All what you need is give us a call and tell us what you need and how you want it to be done.
  1. Begginners Courses
    For beginners we provides two diving courses, Scuba Diver Course and OpenWater Diver Course. These courses are the foundation of diving. Here you'll learn many safety tips and other skills to dive with confident after completing them.
  2. Advanced Courses
    We provides two more courses here, which is the Adventure in Diving Program and the Advanced OpenWater Course. If you want to enjoy and learn more then here is your next step. Adventures are really wide and we provides a varity of these adventures. All what you need to do is ask out experts on what you need and how we can provides your needs to you.
  3. Rescue Diving
    Caring of your partner underwater is a good habbit. So here is your chance to know how to take care of your partner and be safe at the same time. So here we provide Rescue Diver Course. One of the most excited diving courses and will let you learn how to take care of your partner and your self and dive safely.
  4. Skills
    There are many things to do underwater depends on what you like. So why not to know more about what you love to do underwater? So we provide a varity of Diving Specialties. (example: Underwater Photography, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving,...etc). Do what you love to know and learn more about it with our Pros.
  5. Professionalism
    Professionalism is the way to show how experience you are. To start your Pro. level is taking a Dive Master Course. You will enlarge your knowledge and skills and the way to deal with divers (underwater/on land).
  6. First Aid & CPR
    Want to help Friends, Family or people who needs that help. Join our First Aid & CPR Courses and then help whoever needs with confident. We provide our First And and CPR Courses through Emergency First Response. One of the largest First Aid & CPR Organizations in the World. Our Pros. are approved to get you from providers levels to Instructors.